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They will last up to 6 weeks. However, all creations will need to be refrigerated, as our products do not have any preservatives in them.
Approximately 1/3 in 1 jar. But did you know, calories from sugar can be lost during the baking process!
You will taste the amazing infused flavors from the alcohol, but the alcohol does burn off in the process of cooking.
Blackberry Jalapeno. This is our signature flavor and BEST seller!
1-3 years stored in room temperature unopened. Our creations have been certified by Texas Department of Safety and Health Services Food Safety expert Dr. Wagner of Texas A&M, and the Food Safety Lab for a 12 month shelf life.
YES! Click on our shop at the top of our page. It will send you to our square site. Pick which shipping box you like, depending on how may jars you want.
We do! Under contact us, please feel free to send any questions you have and your interests. We will gladly get back to you and go over any information you are requesting.
YES we do! Please feel free to send us an email inquiring your request. We then will do our best to help customize any order.
So MANY!! Mainly for marinades, sauces, (ribs, hamburger, chicken, and fish) mixed in your favorite cocktail, over ice cream as a topping, as an addition to your breakfast foods, over cream cheese as your appetizer, or simply with your peanut butter and jelly!